Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mitts and things

I love my fingerless mitts.

Really, I do. They have some problems, but I love them anyway.

Also, my semi-matching button scarf.

I had new business cards made, as well, but I'm pretty sure everyone who would possibly read this has one, so no pictures necessary there.
And I played some CPE Bach at Classical Revolution tonight. It was good times. Too bad I'm usually busy on Wednesday nights. :(


I accompanied my friend Joel to the barbershop today, and I just have to say that it was amazing. Because, let me tell you, this was a legitimate barbershop. As in that movie Barbershop. There were signs telling people not to curse, and to keep an eye on their own children. Amazing.
I have never been around that many phenomenally loud and hilarious people at one time, and their parting words were, "You come back anytime you want, sweetheart, but leave him at the bus stop."

So. Much. Fun.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Gift scarves!

I finished three scarves this week - all gifts for friends of mine.

A green one with faux cables of my own
(very simple) design for Jeremy. ---->
(I'll put up a picture of him
wearing it once I get one.)

<--A red/brown/green basketweave for Ben.

And a brown neckwarmer
(like the pink one I made for myself)
for Karolyn, who is off in Oregon
at the moment.--->

I got that fifty bucks from Stanford for my brain scan. The invoice says "human subject reimbursement."

Oh, and I put in notice at my job. Last day? Thursday. Thank goodness. I have six ensembles right now, all unpaid, but all beneficial to my repertoire and career. It was a decent job, and I will have to budget better, but maybe I'll actually get some paying gigs if I make myself find them. 'Cause right now, the unpaid ones will not stop coming. Which is awesome. That is in no way sarcastic. It's awesome.

And I'm taking the CBEST in eight hours. Good. Night.