Tuesday, January 19, 2010

...since the new year started.

Let's start with the coolest one: I got my brain scanned.

I qualified to volunteer for a psychological study and got to hang out in an MRI for two hours. They showed me some pictures, I pu
shed some buttons and fell asleep several times, and eventually they'll send me a check. Oh Craigslist, the things you come up with.

And now
I have pictures of my brain!

The study will be published in about a year (the middle one is my favorite, because it is the most creepy and weird).

Then I took up knitting! Err, re-took up knitting, I suppose. I learned a very long time ago and was never very good at it. But I love scarves...a lot...and I really needed a new hobby, so I gave it another shot. So far I only have one finished product; a pink ribbed scarf with a hole in it to loop through. There may or may not be a few extra holes... Luckily, none of the flaws are very noticeable.

You can find the pattern here if you are craftily inclined:

Likewise on the crafty side of things, I had some fun with paperclips and masking tape at work. I then took my masterpiece home, fixed the inaccurate bits, added a few details from my craft box, and spray painted the crap out of it.

I have been watching a lot of Dr. Who, and I may be going just a teensy bit overboard... Wait till you see that knitting project.

(It's a Dalek, sworn enemy of the Doctor, for those of you not in the know. They like to exterminate things. A lot.)

My cat has also been quite busy. Mostly trying to destroy things. Maybe she's a Dalek, too.

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