Saturday, January 23, 2010

I finally did some arts!

I have not been able to do arts for quite some time.

I love drawing, and writing comics, but I usually end up thinking whatever I draw isn't good enough, which is disheartening. Thus, four little sketches are kind of exciting for me.

Why, yes, I do love that hat. Thanks for asking. :3

Also, yes, I do use pictures of myself for reference and practice. It's not so much vanity as it is way easier than finding other references.

And then I did an "abstract" painting. Quotes
because I won't pretend to know anything about real art. I did put some thought into it, but it didn't take a whole lot of actual time. And, let me just say, I hate that paint never comes out dry like it does wet.

It's not quite what I intended, but it's close.

Don't worry. I usually paint actual stuff.

And here is my ongoing knitting project:

The Dr. Who scarf. Circa Tom Baker (70's-80's). I'm not planning to make it full sized, but it will probably end up about twice this long...and it's as tall as me already (5'7"). I think this counts as one of those "larger" projects.

Other than that (and working, and jogging), I've been watching Wonderfalls again. It's no Dr. Who, but I can't deny that it will always be a favorite. If you liked Dead Like Me or Pushing Daisies, this is by the same guy, and features some of the same actors (Lee Pace, anyone? Yeah, I thought so).

I think this coming week is going to be a cooking adventures week. Expect burnt kitchen ware.

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  1. YES! Netflix suggested wonderfalls to me and Im so sad that it stopped running.


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