Saturday, January 30, 2010

Adventure Day: Colma Edition

Today I woke up and thought, "I want to have an adventure!" My first thought was to go check out the Golden Gate Bridge and be all touristy and what not, but then I remembered that my most recent Netflix acquisition is a documentary called The Bridge. Maaaaybe not today.

Instead, I went to visit my dead grandparents! Jazz hands!

To make this more of an actual adventure, I decided to use what a friend of mine once described as The Jenna Method™, in which I know the general direction and possibly the name of the place I am attempting to reach, and then I just kind of...go. Success rate 100%. In this case the general direction was "all those graves on the peninsula" and I didn't have the name of the specific place (other than it might have the word "veteran" in it), until I got to Colma, ran out of ideas, gave in and called my mom. Turns out it's in San Bruno, not Colma, but when I think of cemeteries, I think of Colma, and so should you.

So I get to the place (Golden Gate National Cemetary), and there's really no other way to react to huge plots of graves than; "Huh, that's a lot of dead people." 'Cause really? That is a lot of dead people.

I thought maybe I would just wander in the direction I remember from the one time I was here, oh, ten years ago, and then I thought a little better and went to visit the Gravesite Locator:

What?! YES. Computerized Gravesite Locator. I had no idea the dead were so technologically advanced. Awesome.

Not only that, but it's a touch screen.

Except it didn't actually do anything when I touched it.
How oddly appropriate.

And so, on to more traditional methods: Apparently, plot numbers do not go either up or down here (they go both at the same time). So, after walking the better part of the way around the main hill, I found the marker I was looking for in the very front. Way to be, me.
I didn't bring any flowers...not exactly my thing. I basically snapped a picture, said hello (to the slab of stone, yes), and went on my way.

That was pretty much it, but it was good to finally do something I've been meaning to for at least the last 6 months or so.

Oh, and:

What. The. Hell. School of Music and Dance?! Don't give a person a recital date and then jack it from them later because you are unorganized and full of terrible "new systems" that in fact do not work at all.

Rant done (Edit: and I also now have a more thorough understanding of said (still stupid, though) systems, which work slightly differently than I thought when I first wrote this). The end.

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