Friday, March 12, 2010

Adventure Day(s) (condensed version): Golden Gate Bridge, Berkeley, Fruitvale BART Station...?

I've been busy. Doing things.

I went to the bridge! It was very pretty, and very windy. Windy enough for the bay to steal my scarf, in fact. Jerk.

I also took a drive through the Berkeley hills with Joel, who is awesome, and totally let me drag him around Berkeley all day because I can never remember where Sweetheart's Cafe is, and sometimes a person just really needs crispy squid on a stick and a chocolate milkshake with tapioca pearls.

Then I made a velociraptor mask out of manila folders and staples (plus paint). It's AMAZING.
Here it is on friend-Sarah, who totally rocks it, and who I totally forgot to ask if I could put her picture up here, but who is also totally unidentifiable, so I think it's okay :

And here it is on me:

I have wanted to make this thing for years (specifically for my recital poster, not just for general wearing, I swear). Was never really sure how to do it, though. The manila envelopes inspired me. Office supplies are my artistic medium of choice, it seems.

I officially started my knitting "business," having put up order forms in the school of music. I've only had one order thus far, though, and that was only because I grabbed the first person I saw who I knew wanted something and basically demanded she validate my work immediately fill it out at her liesure.

And then I had an impromptu adventure day retrieving my car from Alameda, where it was left after an excellent night previous which may have ended with me slightly more than slightly inebriated. Really glad Mollie suggested getting a cab from Fruitvale rather than walking the 1.5 miles to my car, because even in the middle of the day, it turns out, that station is creepy as hell. I had precisely eight dollars. Good thing that's exactly how much it cost. :D

And today I practiced. And practiced some more. And then some more. And then I kinda freaked out a little because I am so not ready for this recital, and I'm way oversensitive to just about every comment ever, anyway, and let's just say the FSU practice rooms are far superior to the SFSU practice rooms when it comes to dignity preservation in minor breakdown situations. Stupid windows.

So I watched some other people play some other music, and then I got some sushi, and then I went home and sort of fell asleep when I told myself I wouldn't because I really need to clean, then I woke up and actually cleaned...a little, and now I'm watching Dirty Jobs and contemplating In-n-out, and not cleaning some more. Good Friday, overall, I'd say.

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