Sunday, May 23, 2010


This really isn't any better than posting this on facebook, but there are far, far fewer people who will read it, and I just really, really need to in some way announce it to the general public, but I would rather not be a total jerk about it (a little bit of a jerk, yeah, that's sort of okay, in this case).

If someone asks you not to contact them, repeatedly, and in many different ways, including making every attempt to actually prevent you from doing so (ie internet blocking), you should really, really, no, really, NOT SEND THEM AN EMAIL.

I don't care how nice of an email it is. I really don't. Really. Really, really, really.
Just leave me alone.


  1. YES.
    I could beat someone up if you want...just saying...
    also: I feel like our lives are kind of in sync right now. This literally JUST happened to me

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  3. 'And my ax!!!'

    i.e. i will help with the beatings of ups.

    don't let ass faced zit-ready-to-pop looking bitches get you down. you're better than that. and EVERYONE knows it.

    also, i want pickles.

    p.s. sorr about the repost. I pulled a K-Yang and didn't spellcheck my last one.

  4. Oh Gian. I wish violence actually did make things better, although that would not really work out well for the world as a whole.

    And yeah, I'm pretty sure we are living the same life in different bodies on a slightly different schedule.

    Travis. Oh, how I wish I was. How I wish I could just let things go. But no. Grudge queen.

    Let that be a warning to you. Don't be a jerk to me. You can be a jerk to other people occasionally, but be a jerk to me? We're done. That's pretty much the rule. Cause Crazy? She don't take that shit.


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