Friday, June 4, 2010

Can't sleep.

Again. Or ever.

I just want sleepies. Why can't I have the sleepies? At a normal hour, that is. Because I've got the 6 am-2 pm shift DOWN. And then I am sleepy all afternoon and evening. And then I finally get in my bed, exhausted, and no. 4 hours later (with prescription assistance, I might add); nothing. NOTHING. Relaxation videos: nothing. All manner of tossing and turning. And it's not that I'm not tired. I am really, really, really tired. So very, very many yawns.

The 6-2 sleep schedule is not a good one. It's not deep sleep, because there is tons of light and I'm constantly waking up to make sure I'm on time to whatever it is that I have probably already missed, and every part of my body has definitely voted unanimously that it doesn't count.

I need a massage desperately. But I also don't want anyone to touch me, at all. Either way I can't relax, which means I can't get any sleep. SAD FACE AND AGGRAVATION.

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