Monday, June 28, 2010

Things that are making me happy right this second

I'm probably going to change my mind about all of these things in two hours, BUT:

I've been contemplating and researching future unrealistic purchases, such as a kitten: Scottish Fold, or a bunny: Tan. Sabie needs a friend and the crazy pet lady within me is fighting violently to get out. Luckily, my lack of funds is preventing me from purchasing either of these. Potential reward of bunny/kitten is, however, a great motivator in my job search.

I am not becoming morbidly obese! While I am completely out of shape, every time I am bold enough to put on one of my smaller fitting outfits, this fear (okay, it's sort of a paranoia) is disproved. Then I go eat more Nutella. Because yes, that's right, I bought Nutella. I never buy Nutella. You know why? Because I eat ALL OF IT. It is the most delicious thing I have, and will ever in the entirety of my purportedly expected 70-80 year long life, experience. I pretty much had Nutella every single day of the four months I lived in London. It was a major contributor to my "HolyshitI'meatingNutellastraightoutofthejarI'msuchafatty" panic which was in turn a great contributor to my actually losing some weight and vowing never to let myself eat like a rabid gingerbread man zombie-cannibal again. After three years of refusing to buy it, I caved. It will be gone soon, and I will be able to be less concerned about my obesity-paranoia, but that Nutella has made me so happy every time I have put it on any of the following things this week: bread, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, tortilla chips (I ran out of everything else...) and, of course, straight. Guilty, but happy.

Yesterday Liesl and I made bacon wrapped asparagus, drank beer, watched Dr. Who, walked up to Fort Funston, and went hot tubbing yesterday. Not in that order. And that is how a girls' day should be done.

The only I've spent in the last week was on groceries. Granted, that's because my days have mostly been spent on Craigslist (I need a joooooooooob) and Reddit, but my social outings have consisted of girls day with Liesl, extremely drunk brother hangouts at Ocean Beach, and father's day cookout. Oh. Wait. I also bought two beers out with old coworkers. Totally acceptable, though, as I haven't seen those people in months. This also means I've been cooking a lot, which is awesome. It also, less awesomely, means my house guest has seen the extent of my cooking abilities, and the oddities of my eating habits. Spring roll wrappers are the new bread. Don't judge me.

Reddit is amazing, my cat is fucking cute and super snuggly, chocolate chip cookies and Nutella tastes like CHRISTMAS, Chatroulette is hilarious, the dress I wore to my brother's high school graduation when I was 14 still fits perfectly, I'm going to sushi with at least two of my favorite people in a few hours, and I HAVE ART MOTIVATIONS AGAIN!


My brother and his fiance are going to be so excited when they see their wedding present next month:

I even framed it.

It's red white and blue because love is made of red. And she's Jewish. I was going to write something about pigs and Yamakas, but I would like to meet my hopeful future nieces and/or nephews (no pressure, really, I'm cool with the hairless cat, too) at some point, so maybe I won't.

And oh holy Jesus, my life will not be complete without this shirt.

I have never been less worried about what people who read my blog will think of me when they see this post. Bizarre, random, anxiety ridden self-deprecation is life. :)

EDIT: I may just settle for a fish named Calamity Jane. She will have googly eyes.

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