Monday, June 28, 2010

Potential Pet Names:

Psychologie (but pronounced like in German)(...puh-sick-oh-loh-gee)
Sypholis (nickname: The Syph)
Teddy Roosevelt
Ghengis Khan
Roy Mustang
Captain Forbes Thor Kiddoo
Emporer Norton (Protector of Mexico) <-- By the way, if I ever open a pub, it will be The Emporer Norton. It will have Skee-Ball, cider, and so much* delicious food. Yes. You saw correctly. I am going to open a pub that serves dim sum, sushi, donuts, and every other fried monstrosity imaginable. Don't tell me about the logistics of that kind of food service combined with a bar and arcade and possible bowling alley! I won't hear it!

There's going to be a velociraptor pen in the back.


Life will find a way.


I forget what I was talking about.

Also, I think this may be the right medication for me? It also may really, really not be. I'm having a hard time telling if I'm being way more ADD or way less. It's possible Prozac negatively affects maturity levels...I'm unclear on this...

Also,'s possible I am a boy on the inside. Badass historical figures, infectious diseases, dinosaurs, and Butts. I really don't know how this happened. At least I didn't put this one down. But I giggled. A lot. And I could have put down about twenty more diseases, like Tetanus or Hemorrhoid. Or Cancer. I think I'll name my bunny Cancer. Of the prostate. By the way, don't google image search "worst disease." I'm pretty morbid, but that was just a bad idea, and now I can't look away.

* Yes, you do see a flower made of salmon.

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